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Welcome to Luštica Bay, a magical destination that invites you to discover, explore and interact with the dramatic beauty of Montenegro.


The most beautiful meeting between land and sea.

This serene harbor is home to a vibrant city where culture, heritage and gastronomy combine to create authentic experiences. As the glorious UNESCO-listed Boka Bay mountains slide dramatically down and touch the Adriatic Sea, endless beauty and possibilities await, whether it's for a luxurious getaway or a unique home where you belong.

Dine and Shop

Dine and shop in style on our waterfront promenade in the heart of Luštica Bay.  Take a leisurely stroll and pause to enjoy a fine collection of diverse lifestyle, fashion and gastronomic offerings.

Lustica Bay Marina

Located in the heart of Marina Village, this is the ultimate destination for yachting enthusiasts to set out in the shimmering waters of Trašte Bay and beyond.  The marina is immaculately designed and fully equipped with first class facilities ensuring a great sailing experience.

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