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An urban enclave and the beating heart of Luštica Bay.


Interlaced with lively streets and a Piazza, Centrale is designed to offer a balanced mix of exuberance and residential tranquility all year round. Already a thriving destination to live, work and play, with sports facilities, beautiful architecture and open spaces, this vibrant neighborhood will feature essential services such as a hospital, school, police and fire brigade, as well as numerous bars and restaurants, and will connecting to all Luštica Bay districts.


With two housing types available in Centrale - Centrale Apartments and Piazza Apartments, and a selection of design options specially curated for the apartments in the area, you can further personalize your home for the whole family to come home to.

Types of apartments


Central Apartments

Central Apartments provide peace and quiet, a stone's throw from our bustling Piazza center. Each residence offers sleek, contemporary and modern living spaces, in harmony with the architecture of Montenegro and integrated into the community of Luštica Bay.


Types: from studios to 3 bedrooms


Size: ranging from 40 - 100m2

Apartments Piazza

The Piazza is a showcase of refined Montenegrin architecture with its apartments located around this bustling city center. The apartments on the Piazza provide the perfect ambiance for tailor-made living and turn every day into a celebration of the exceptional.


Type: from studios to 3 bedrooms


Dimensions: ranging from 40 - 120m2

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