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Refined, authentic and lively living on the water.
A home, exclusively yours.


Located on the waterfront, with life around the modern marina and charming promenade, the Marina Village area is a vibrant destination, the effect of a busy and bustling seaside lifestyle at all hours of the day, all year round, with restaurants, bars , cafes, boutiques, the five-star Chedi Hotel, an outdoor amphitheater and regular events throughout the year.

In harmony with nature

The charming architecture of Marina Village reflects the rich culture and heritage of Montenegro. The terracotta-tiled roofs, reminiscent of a traditional Montenegrin fishing village, give the area a lot of character and the soft tones of sustainably sourced local stones blend harmoniously into the natural environment of the peninsula.


Earth tones and wooden frames add to the tactile and authentic feel of this vibrant destination. Four types of residences are available: waterfront marina apartments, townhouses, villas and The Chedi Residence. These all have spectacular views and direct access to the boardwalk, private beach and marina.



Types of apartments



All apartments vary in size, have a bespoke layout and unique design, and offer a variety of furnishing options, from modern to more traditional in character. These are offered with an extended payment term and immediate use in prospect.


Types: from studios to 3 bedrooms


Size: ranging from 45 - 175m2

The Chedi Residence

As an excellent investment opportunity, The Chedi Residences are offered with a guaranteed return option. With large private balconies, they offer spectacular sea views and privileged access to the hotel's superior multi-purpose areas for work and relaxation.


Type: fully furnished hotel studios


Size: 49m2

Garden sheds

Elevated above the waterfront, our townhouses provide a modern hideaway with private space galore. Open plan living and dining areas leading out to the large balcony and terrace provide true indoor/outdoor living where residents can make the most of the views.


Types: 2 and 3 bedrooms


Dimensions: ranging from 120 - 280m2


Located in the most exclusive location, the villas offer complete privacy with breathtaking sea views on every level. Flowing living spaces, large terraces, a private pool and optional fireplace, provide true comfort with the ability to further customize your property to your own taste.


Types: 3 to 5 bedrooms


Size: ranging from 350 - 750m2

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